What Benefits Does File Sentry Deliver

When you leave things to other people, there's always a gap between what you expect to be done, and what actually gets done. File protection is no exception. With File Sentry, you take responsibility for your own security – you control your files with your File Sentry Key or App (think about how you lock your car and home).

While no solution will provide 100% security, File Sentry has gone a long way in addressing the root causes of security vulnerabilities.

File Sentry can secure your files whether at home, office or the cloud.

  1. Mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure
    File Sentry server has your account information but doesn't store your files or credentials, there is no way it can access your files.
  2. Reduce the risk of security breaches
    If you store encrypted file in the cloud, the cloud provider knows your file is there but can’t access it because you have the File Sentry Key.
  3. protection against social engineering attacks
    Attackers can't get to your device without first being connected to and Cothenticated with File Sentry Server. You can't even accidentally provide attacker with meaningful information.
  1. Reduce Operational and Administration costs
    The user-friendly operation of File Sentry requires no special training for administrator or user. File Sentry offers a backup Key if a user loses their File Sentry Key or phone. Save time, money and reduce stress.
  2. Reduce the cost of information security
    As files are encrypted 100 percent of the time, cost savings can be made by reducing the dependency on dedicated or managed service file storage or backup services. No more big checks to cloud service providers. No more counting your Megabits to keep costs low !
  1. Share files confidentially
    A shared file is re-encrypted with new encryption key that only a designated user with a File Sentry account can decrypt, using his or her own File Sentry Key or App.
  2. Collaborate security
    Equip your team members with File Sentry to permit collaboration around shared files safely and securely.