Where We Stack Up Against the Competition

Solution/Threat mitigation Impersonation Lost of Hardware Client side attack MITM attacks Unauthorized access
Gateway encryption Partial Yes
Transparent encryption Partial Yes
Password access control Partial Partial
Server side encryption Partial Partial
Client side encryption Partial Yes
Whole Disk Encryption Yes
File Sentry (3AKey/Fonekey) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

So, What's In it For Me? The short answer: peace of mind.

Simple Concept, Great Benefits

The consensus is that once digital content is uploaded to the Internet, it is out of one's control. The headlines are filled with stories of hackers armed with Trojans and viruses who can reach your computer even if it is NOT connected directly to the Internet!

Encrypting everything helps, provided that the encryption keys are secure. File Sentry is different because it utilizes a physical device to secure digital assets. This physical element is precisely what is required to thwart the bad guys. If they don’t have your File Sentry Key or app, they can’t get to your files.

We can't unplug our computers, but with File Sentry, we can secure our credentials and assets against intrusion.

A Special Note to Security Administrators

Most if not all existing encryption solutions are designed to protect against brute force attacks that rarely happen in the real world. Promises usually sound reassuring, but, in the end, security is dependent on your procedures, applications and users.

Managing enterprise security has never been easy. It is a job for dedicated and experienced security professionals. File Sentry provides tools to help make security controls more visible to and easily understood by average users, making the transition to strong file protection a simple and engaging everyday computing activity.

Our state-of-the-art Cothentication (also known as NIGOL authentication) technology has effectively reduced or eliminated human error along with threats of impersonation attacks. By literally putting keys in the hand of users, the risks of unauthorized accesses and disclosures are also mitigated.

Whether your motivation is to protect trade secrets, intellectual property or fulfilling security or privacy obligations, File Sentry is here and ready to assist you to achieving your goal. File Sentry is simple to deploy and to use, yet incredibly sophisticated and effective. IT JUST WORKS!