1. Keep Files Safe from unauthorized access
    File Sentry uses device-centric encryption. Access to protected files is restricted to authorized user with a File Sentry Key (USB Key or Fonekey) and File Sentry Client software.
  2. Keep Files safe from accidental disclosure
    File Sentry does not provide a decryption function: once a file is encrypted, it will remain encrypted.
  3. Zero Knowledge keeps your files safe from unauthorized disclosure
    As a cloud service, File Sentry does not collect or store user credentials, cryptographic keys or user files. You, the user are in charge because you have the possession of File Sentry Key.
  1. Share Files Securely and Collaborate in Confidence
    When a File Sentry user shares a file with another File Sentry user, that file is re-encrypted with new encryption key, and the new key is dedicated for the recipient’s use. Works like other file sharing services but provides true confidentiality.
  2. Controlling access to your files
    Like turning a light ON/OFF from a switch, a File Sentry user can simply disconnect the device from the system, to stop the file access and decryption process immediately.
  3. Amazingly easy to use
    File Sentry is easy to use. You use drag and drop to encrypt selected files or folders and double-click to open an encrypted file. File Sentry works behind the scenes to keep your files safe.